Be Good to People
Posted on 09/28/2018
Be Good to People T-shirt

Delicious, refreshing soul-quenching lemonade can be made from life's lemons.

Many years ago I stumbled upon this black t-shirt with four white words. A simple message. Reading it made my heart smile. I had to have one. I wanted to join the revolution. The founder of Kris Wittenburg, started the company after one rude encounter with a stranger. The exact bad experience has been long forgotten but the simple message that people should be better to each other has not. She decided to try to make this world a better place with a short simple message. I was hooked. I not only bought the t-shirt for myself, but I decided to buy one for every one of my coworkers. I wanted to spread the word! Be part of the solution!

But Monday morning came with its sober bombardment of work demands and I had no time to even open the box of shirts and so they sat in my office for months… I showed a picture of the shirt to a coworker and poorly explained the message of the original author and told her that we were going to start a kindness revolution! She respectfully nodded and shuffled off to ten thousand things that get in the way of the revolution… We were here to perform orthodontics…enough with the bizarre message. Maybe I want to be grumpy. Maybe the person doesn’t deserve our kindness…

And then came Friday, November 13, 2015…multiple terrorist attacks in Paris killed 130 and injured hundreds. I came into work on Monday, November 16th, opened the box of shirts and asked everyone if they had a problem spreading the message. Without explanation, Be Good To People t-shirts have become a staple here at Family Orthodontic Care. We cannot control what happens in Paris. But we do have control over what happens in these four walls. We have the opportunity to BE GOOD TO PEOPLE. and we decided to wear it on our shirts every Wednesday. So join the revolution! go to the website and buy a t-shirt, wear it to your orthodontic appointment. And better yet, when the opportunity arises, try to be good to people!