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What We're Doing to Keep You Safe

This year has been strange and difficult on many levels for many people. All businesses have struggled to get through this pandemic and many won't. Statistically, 50% of restaurants will close. Margins are just too slim. Here at FOC we gratefully never fell into that category, but shutting our offices down for 42 days (for the first time in 54 years!) sure rocked our world. Laying off valuable employees prior to any stimulus packages, the fear of unsupervised orthodontics causing permanent damage to children's teeth, not knowing how long we would only be able to treat "emergency" patients, safely re-opening for the team and our patients. This year has been challenging and full of unknowns.

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Staff preparing for Super Bowl Sunday
Super Bowl Sunday

As Super Bowl Sunday rapidly approaches it makes me wonder how my day to day practice would change if orthodontists had a contest to see who was the best? East of the country verses the West. Town by town. Would it divide us or make us stronger? We have the opportunity each day to treat our patients like we are training for the super bowl. We want the trophy and the rings!

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Meet Paisley
Meet Paisley, our orthodontic mascot!

About one year ago Dr. Jennifer Lowney was feeling the effect of her kids getting older and needing less of her time and attention. The empty nest was starting to happen. Instead of relishing more free time she chose to get a puppy! Her third puppy. So in addition to her 5 year old English Bulldog, Dude and her two year old English Bulldog, Mclovin, she adopted Paisley the blue merle French Bulldog!

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happy New Year
Happy New Year!

As the calendar changes to a new year and a new decade, many people are talking about their resolutions. Commonly we resolve to eat better, exercise and lose weight. We all want to start the new year putting their best foot forward. And so often these good intentions quickly peter out. We return to our old habits and give up!

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Be Good to People T-shirt
Be Good to People

Delicious, refreshing soul-quenching lemonade can be made from life's lemons. Many years ago I stumbled upon this black t-shirt with four white words. A simple message. Reading it made my heart smile. I had to have one. I wanted to join the revolution. The founder of Kris Wittenburg, started the company after one rude encounter with a stranger. The exact bad experience has been long forgotten but the simple message that people should be better to each other has not. She decided to try to make this world a better place with a short simple message. I was hooked. I not only bought the t-shirt for myself, but I decided to buy one for every one of my coworkers. I wanted to spread the word! Be part of the solution!

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The only thing that is constant is change. Heraclitus Change is most often times something that we do not look forward to. Loss of that which is familiar and the heralding in of the new often times is disruptive to our schedules and routines. We are resistant to change. It often requires effort and makes us uncomfortable.

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