Looks like the end is in sight! Happy Day! Let's make some retainer decisions!
Hawley Retainer/Spring Aligner

IMG_0050This is the "traditional" upper or lower retainer made with a wire across the front teeth and clasps on the back teeth. It has been used by orthodontists for over 100 years and is an excellent retainer. It can be adjusted to recapture small movements and is the most forgiving if left out for a few days. These retainers are sturdy and will last for years...possibly decades! A great choice if you want to plan long term. They are removed for brushing and flossing so they are an excellent choice for a patient that struggles to maintain good oral hygiene.


Essix (Invisalign Style) Retainer


Meet the new kid of the block...The clear plastic retainer. This is the invisible retainer style that is advertised on television. The main advantage is that it is clear. Patients also find it easier to talk with this type because there is no acrylic on the roof of the mouth. Since our patients are not required to wear their retainers during the day, this advantage is less critical. It is critical not to drink anything containing sugar while wearing this retainer, as it will quickly promote tooth decay. If left out for a few days, it can recapture small tooth movements, so it too is forgiving.  Made of thin plastic, this retainer usually needs to be replaced every 2 years.(depending on how often it is being worn) Think planned obsolescence. Not into replacing retainers every couple of years? This retainer is probably not for you.

Permanent Retainer/Lingual Bonded Retainer(LBR)

IMG_0055This retainer is bonded/hidden on the inside surface of the teeth. It is called a permanent retainer because it is not removed for eating or brushing.  This is an excellent choice for the patient who may "forget" to wear the removable options.  It is also the best style to insure that a large space will not re-open. Main disadvantage: SPECIAL FLOSS IS REQUIRED TO KEEP THIS STYLE FREE OF PLAQUE AND TARTAR. It is not recommended for the hygienically challenged. You know who you are. This retainer is the most delicate. Dietary restrictions continue to apply to avoid bending or breaking the retainer from the surface of the teeth.


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