Posted on 09/25/2018
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The only thing that is constant is change. Heraclitus

Change is most often times something that we do not look forward to. Loss of that which is familiar and the heralding in of the new often times is disruptive to our schedules and routines. We are resistant to change. It often requires effort and makes us uncomfortable. But here at Family Orthodontic Care, change is welcomed, encouraged, anticipated and appreciated. Our job is to watch children grow. Like snapshots in time, we have the privilege of seeing our patients at periodic intervals and all the positive changes that occur with each passing month. Like the autumn leaves, deciduous teeth fall out and are replaced by the permanent set. Crowded teeth de-rotate and overbites vanish. We watch the very young turn into the adolescent and adolescent turn into young adults. Change is expected and welcomed. Even after the orthodontics treatment is over, we have the opportunity to continue to watch children change during the retainer portion of their treatment.

Unlike a teacher or a pediatrician, orthodontics spans a long length of time. We have the opportunity to watch children graduate from middle and high school, go off to college, get married and bring in children of their own. It is a wonderful privilege and we are very grateful to participate in so many chapters of a child's life.

Change is inevitable. It occurs whether we want it to or not. And it is not always unexpected or unwanted. We value the changes that take place in our patients. We look forward to the opportunity to watch our patients change from shy young children into confident young adults. The winds of change are blowing and they are welcomed here at Family orthodontic Care.