Happy New Year!
Posted on 01/13/2020
happy New Year

As the calendar changes to a new year and a new decade, many people are talking about their resolutions. Commonly we resolve to eat better, exercise and lose weight. We all want to start the new year putting our best foot forward. And so often these good intentions quickly peter out. We return to our old habits and give up!

Here at Family Orthodontic Care we resolve to take the very best care of our patients each and every day. We DON'T wait until the calendar flips, we hone our skills daily and meet as a group every morning with "The Morning Huddle". If you happen to be one of our first patients of the morning you may catch the tail end of this morning meeting. During this huddle we review key details of the day to improve the quality of our service. We review what is going on and how we can give each and every patient great service. Furthermore we take the time to meet every other Thursday morning for an in depth team meeting.

During that meeting we review compliments and criticisms and talk about the ways we can gain more of one and less of the other! Your opinion matters. We want each patient to feel welcomed and to be treated in the very best possible manner. We evaluate the systems we have in place and we are in a constant state of striving to improve.

Many of you come in and comment how friendly and welcoming our office feels. Many patients and parents compliment our efficiency and our desire to go above and beyond to make this experience the very best it can be. We are not perfect, but we care so much about our service. We are passionate about orthodontics. We want to not only meet your expectations but to exceed them. And as we welcome a new year (our 54th year serving Southeastern Connecticut) and a new decade, we look forward to continuing this passion for excellence today and throughout 2020. Happy New Year! We realize that you have a choice in orthodontic offices and we look forward to serving you in the best possible way, each and every day!