Meet Paisley, our orthodontic mascot!
Posted on 01/16/2020
Meet Paisley

About one year ago Dr. Jennifer Lowney was feeling the effect of her kids getting older and needing less of her time and attention. The empty nest was starting to happen. Instead of relishing more free time she chose to get a puppy! Her third puppy. So in addition to her 5 year old English Bulldog, Dude and her two year old English Bulldog, Mclovin, she adopted Paisley the blue merle French Bulldog!

Paisley happens to have the perfect personality, temperament and size to be an office dog. She is calm and loving. She also participated in two weeks of intensive training in Canterbury at Quinebaug Kennels puppy boot camp to learn the skills to be an office dog.

Paisley does not have free range to walk around the entire office since she has fur but she welcomes visits to "her office", across the hall from the imaging department. She is always ready for a play date with a patient or a sibling that wants to play with her.

Currently she only works in the Norwich office since she does not have a private area in the Colchester office. She looks forward to meeting all you dog lovers!

Juliette and Paisley

Juliette, pictured with Paisley started her orthodontic treatment shortly after Paisley started coming to work. Juliette was not very excited about getting braces but she figured she likes dogs so if she had to get them, she would at least get to see Paisley. Now, when Juliette comes to her office visit, she and Paisley get to spend a few minutes together. Juliette is not alone, many children are more tolerant of what needs to be done in order to get to their play date with Paisley. The benefits are mutual. Paisley is very excited to see her friends and get lots of hugs and pats. So if you need a lift, if you want some unconditional love, some quiet time of no judgment or if puppy love is one of your favorite things, stop by and meet Paisley!